Rules for BEAWrestler

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Game 1: Wrestler’s Match or Points of Pain

In Match play both players chose the same number of cards to begin play and then they expose those cards to each other.

Order of play is then determined by whatever means agreed upon (usually a die or dice).

In single card play, the players then write down each others POP (Points of Pain) rating , as well as their own.

Then the player that was determined to go first rolls his/her dice, which determines the move of his/her wrestler as well as the POP that wrestler inflicted on their opponent (see chart on how to read a card).

Then that result is deducted from their opponent’s total POP rating.

Play is alternated in the order that was predetermined prior to play.

This continues until one player has reduced his opponent’s total POP rating to zero or less.

The opponent who has had his POP rating reduced to zero or less loses and does not get any more attacks.

The winner gets to keep all the cards defeated in the ‘ring’ or play.

Game 2: Wrestler’s Statistical Series


Players preferably start with the same number of cards, but this is not necessary.

Players then determine order of play (usually by die or dice).

In this game players simply compare statistics or their wrestlers.

Cards are not revealed to other players until the category being compared is determined.

After order play is determined the player who is first chooses the category to be compared.  He continues to do so until he loses or there is a tie.

When a tie occurs, the player, who is not calling the category, calls ‘reversal’.

He/she then gets to pick the categories to be compared until he/she loses or there is another tie.

The winner keeps all the cards won in each round.

Game 3: Wrestler’s Duel


The players preferably start with the same number of cards, but this is not necessary.

Order of play is then determined (usually by a die or dice).

In this game players compare the rankings of their wrestlers, this ranking is usually found in the upper right hand corner (see how to read a card).

The player with the highest ranking or lowest number wins the round and all the cards in that round.  If a tie occurs players have a variety of ways to break it.

The two most common methods are:

  • To let the next card determine the winner or;
  • To return the cards to the stacks from which they came (in a random place in the  stack).

Game 4: Flip-Off


In this game, players must predetermine how victory is won.

Cards are simply flipped to tumble end over end and whichever card is victorious wins all the cards played in that round.

The most common Flip-Off method used is the ‘pin’.

The pin is when the winning card lands face down and the losing card lands face up (simulating a pin).

Cards must be revealed before the flip so that there is no confusion about whose card was whose.

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BEbattlegames Launches Official Blog for Gamers

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We are proud to announce the grand opening of our new blog. Gamers will be able to discuss about our games, get advise from he games creators, exchange information about all the games and help us improve our new and current games.